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This Website reveals the basics of cosmic science behind the various flanks of life and mainly the science behind Vastu Shastra and much more. The consultant Mr.Subbayya Bhat, Varmudi is blessed by his Guruji with this knowledge and various techniques of analysis and powerful solutions. The glimpse of which is recorded in this website.

In this Website you will get complete basic and practical awareness, basic and practical guidelines which Mr. Subbayya Bhat, Varmudi had absorbed from his Guruji, study, research and field experience. The essence of shastras, the science absorbed by his Guruji is from a great Yogi- a true scientist of Indian traditional knowledge. We opine that the content of this website is for awareness and not enough for consultants. Advanced descriptions about the shastras are out of scope of the website, because it is not possible to explain such details to those who are not grew up in this stream of knowledge. But we try to give more and more information in Blogs/Links. Visit frequently.

About Consultant


Mr Subbayya Bhat Varmudi is a Science graduate studying and working in this field since the year 2000. He was born and brought up in a traditional family with openmind towards the modern science and social scenario. This background helped him a lot in understanding Shastras with both the angles of view. His Guruji, a great “Shastra scientist” like the Parama Guruji guided him in this field; still guiding him. Mr Subbayya Bhat did not choose this field of exploration and practice; but, the field itself chose him. The successes by The Devine grace through him and his Guruji are amazing. They are thankful to the Devine grace for choosing them as media for this. “Sarve Janaah Sukhino Bhavantu”. “Aanando brahma”.

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Mr. Subbayya Bhat Varmudi
Varmudi Hosamane,
Post Perla, Manjeshwara Taluk,
Kasaragod District, PIN- 671 552

Ph:  +91 9645 316 411, 9449 903 652
Email: vsb.ssuthra@gmail.com,  info@energyandvastuscience.com


by Subbayya Bhat