( Consultancy )

1. Contact information of the consultant:-

Mr. Subbayya Bhat Varmudi

Varmudi Hosamane,
Post Perla, Manjeshwara Taluk,
Kasaragod District, PIN- 671 552

Phone: +91 9645 316 411, +91 9449 903 652
Email: ;

About Consultant:


Mr Subbayya Bhat Varmudi is a Science graduate studying and working in this field since the year 2000. He was born and brought up in a traditional family with openmind towards the modern science and social scenario. This background helped him a lot in understanding Shastras with both the angles of view. His Guruji, a great “Shastra scientist” like the Parama Guruji guided him in this field; still guiding him. Mr Subbayya Bhat did not choose this field of exploration and practice; but, the field itself chose him. The successes by The Devine grace through him and his Guruji are amazing. They are thankful to the Devine grace for choosing them as media for this.

“Sarve Janaah Sukhino Bhavantu”. “Aanando brahma”.

2. The Languages of Vocal communication with Mr.Subbayya Bhat are:-

Hindi & Tulu.

3. The Languages of Written communication with Mr.Subbayya Bhat:-


4. You can avail complete Vastu and Energy consultation, Suggestion and Solution.

1.By Remote consultations:

    • Personal Energy consultations, [Suggestions of precious stones etc. are included]
    • Detailed Jatakam (Horoscope) of Indian System [Graha kundali and all important calculations]; [Printed copy by post or courier/electronic copy by email or by CD(post). Languages: English and Indian languages ( )]
    • Personal yearly Energy consultation for the coming year starting from the Date of birth [Note: If available the Date of birth (Internationally accepted System), Time of birth (Internationally accepted System), Place of birth (Latitude and Longitude of the exact birth place is to be located. For that the birth place name, Taluk, District, State, Nation etc.) are required.]
    • Vastu and energy consultation for existing and new Sites, Buildings, Firms etc. (with limitations)

2. By Onsite consultations:

      • Vastu and Non Vastu
      • Energy consultations
      • Personal Energy consultations