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welcomenew1This Website reveals the basics of cosmic science behind the various flanks of life and mainly the science behind Vastu Shastra and much more..

The consultant Mr.Subbayya Bhat, Varmudi is blessed by his Guruji(A divinely blessed person and disciple of a great Yogic Scientist. Mr Subbayya Bhat has studied under him for many years.) with this knowledge and various techniques of analysis and powerful solutions. The glimpse of which is recorded in this website.

In this Website:

  • You will get complete basic and practical awareness, basic and practical guidelines which Mr. Subbayya Bhat, Varmudi had absorbed from his Guruji, study, research and field experience. The essence of shastras (means the various interconnected sects of scriptures regarding the knowledge and practices), the science absorbed by his Guruji is from a great Yogi- a true scientist of Indian traditional knowledge. We opine that the content of this website is for awareness and not enough for consultants. Advanced descriptions about the shastras are out of scope of the website, because it is not possible to explain such details to those who are not grew up in this stream of knowledge. But we try to give more and more information in Blogs/Links. Visit frequently.
  • You may contact the consultant- “Mr.Subbayya Bhat Varmudi” via this site, telephone, mail and email. The Languages of communication are 1) English 2) Kannada 3) Malayalam (Only Vocal) 4) Hindi 5) Tulu and 6) Sanskrit. For remote and onsite consultations feel free to contact him. For details click here.
  • If your kind self feels, register yourself and get regular information and alerts. We request you to share your knowledge and experiences in this platform.
  • You may arrange/ attend discourses, awareness programs for different streams and classes of people. This will provide you the complete clarity of vision and total vision of life. Also, we provide basic education and contact classes. For details click here.
  • You can buy some special products. Some products can be availed by everybody, some products are supplied only for those who are suggested by the consultant and some are exclusively handled by the consultant. For details click here.
  • You are most welcome to read the articles about “Indian traditional Shastras/texts and Traditional Practices” written with a special view of Energy Science. We provided some web links here. We request all of you to suggest more useful web links that you have come across. This will help the propagation of useful knowledge to everybody. Your name will be mentioned along with the web link.
  • Before browsing this website : Those who need Overall Energy consultation/Vastu consultation-
  1. For personal problems
  2. For problem of Institutions
  3. For development
  4. For Vastu and energy analysis of persons existing house/establishments as a precaution
  5. For new projects:- Those who are planning to buy new land/site, To construct buildings, houses etc., Starting a Job- Factory- Business- Schools etc., To modify, renovate existing building, To do interior and exterior decoration, Real-estate land developments, Layouts, Flats, etc are specially requested to go through the following: